Implementing Purposeful Worship

Leading purposeful worship is hard. It requires intent and probably means some changes in the way you think and act.

Think about it for a moment

If worship is an encounter with God, then it should make a difference in our lives.

When we encounter God in worship:

It should show in our actions, thoughts, and attitudes.

When we encounter God in worship:

We should expect transformation, in us and in our fellow worshipers.

All of this should challenge how we plan and carry out worship.


Worship should move us from just accumulating Information to actually transforming lives.

More than just learning a bunch of facts and insights about God or saying nice things about Him, purposeful worship expects the transformation of lives, not just through inspiring stories in others, but in ourselves.


Worship should move us from merely a religious ritual to a life-giving relationship.

Patterns, habits, and practices give structure and rhythm to our lives, but practicing artificial rituals should never become an end in itself. Purposeful worship moves us from just going through prescribed checklists of activities and expected rituals to enjoying a living, breathing relationship with the Living God.


Purposeful, worship should move us from creating an entertaining and emotionally moving experience to building worship that is life-changing and life-giving.

This all requires us to ask new questions.

Instead of: Will the people like it?

Ask: How will it grow them?


Instead of: What great new songs will we sing?

Ask: What enduring truths will we nurture?


Instead of: What will they think of me?

Ask: How will they move toward God?

And- What can I do to facilitate that?


Instead of: How will I measure up?

Ask: How can I serve?

Worship can make a difference. Worship should make a difference. You can shape worship that builds worshipers who live in fellowship with God as obedient Christ-followers powered by the Holy Spirit. As a worship leader, that is your calling.

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