Equipping You to be clear about Worship

Practical Definition:  Worship is a relational encounter with God in which we

  • Praise, Honor, and Adore God
  • Tune your heart to God’s heart and listen
  • Learn, be reminded of and gratefully remember what God has done
  • Respond actively and obediently to God

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Equipping You with a Biblical Framework

Biblical Foundations

  • Great Commandment Worship Matthew 22:37
  • Awe and Obedience Worship Isaiah 6
  • Spirit and Truth Worship John 4
  • Life of Worship Romans 12

To equip Worship Leaders, both Pastors and Church Musicians to build worship that shapes worshipers who live in fellowship with God as obedient Christ-followers powered by the Holy Spirit.

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Equipping you with Custom Orchestrations and Arrangements

Custom Orchestrations and Arrangements

Do you have unique combinations of instruments that you would like to involve in worship?

Would you like to incorporate some orchestra instruments with your praise band to enhance a special service?

Would you like to transpose or simplify a piece for your choir?

Do you need to re-voice a favorite choir selection for a men’s or women’s group?

Would you like to celebrate a special occasion with a musical work written for your church with your unique resources in mind?

We can help with all these and more.


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