[one_third]Traditional Worship
Our worship shapes our view of God. How well do your services shape up? Bobby has lead congregations in traditional styles for more than 30 years with both high-church and liturgical moods. His experience and talents can be utilized to help you evaluate your traditional worship service by casting vision, giving intentionality, strengthening and encouraging leaders, and much more.[/one_third] [one_third]Contemporary Worship
Many churches have begun contemporary worship experiences. While some have done so successfully, some may have not. This could be the perfect opportunity to train leaders, provide guidance for pastors or ministers, give clarity and purpose to this service, and more.

Perhaps your church is considering beginning a new worship experience. Bobby can get your vision team asking the right questions and taking the appropriate steps by assessing your resources, training and equipping leaders, aligning the theological purpose of the service with that of the church, and much more.[/one_third] [one_third_last]Fresh Eyes Assessment
Have you ever wished you could view your worship services with fresh eyes? This could be your opportunity. Bobby is available to attend your weekend services between meetings with your staff to give you his perspective and insights from more than 30 years of leading worship, conducting, and ministering through music.[/one_third_last]